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Let’s Bring Your Body Back Into Harmony

Are you ready to get off birth control and support your hormones naturally?

Are you eager to get pregnant but need to get your hormones in check?

Do you suffer from a damaged gut, irregular periods, thyroid or other hormonal problems?

Let’s bring your beautiful body back into harmony.

I'm Bradley - using my background in radiologic technology with my functional nutrition practice, I strive to keep people out of the hospital and provide cheaper, safer and more effective solutions to your health problems than modern medicine provides.

I offer to you the Hormone Reset University, which is a combination of video education and 1-on-1 coaching to help you reset your hormones and get your gut health in order so you can feel optimal again. We will focus on hormone health and learn how to use foods, natural supplements, and stress management techniques to bring your body out of adrenal fatigue and boost your sex hormones naturally.

This program is for those who are serious about taking care of their health problems naturally, using the accountability of a 1-on-1 health coach while learning how to be self-empowered by the time we are finished working together.

Watch the free content I've provided and if you want to apply for this program, fill out the application to see if we're a good match for working together!

See you in the program,
Bradley Jay


Available Programs

Hormone Reset University

The HRU (a.k.a. Hormone Reset University) is a 3-month intimate mentorship and coaching program for those who are 100% dedicated to building a long-lasting health plan by doing the work today in order to make a huge impact on your future.

During the 3 months, we will focus on taking intentional and actionable steps to reset and restore your hormone glands, detoxing organs and resolve your damaged gut. You will be executing, not just planning - and you'll have fun doing it, I promise!

The program has general guidelines with downloadable resources and videos for you to help yourself along to. We also meet weekly on Zoom so we can gear your plan to your specific needs and goals (PCOS, infertility, gut health, thyroid, etc). 

This is the time for you to focus on working on your optimal health.

We will be doing the work together to stay focused and accountable, follow-through on your goals and achieve the freedom you desire!

Apply for the HRU below and see if you're a good fit for the program. I don't accept just anyone, so fill out the application well.

See you in the HRU!

Bradley Jay

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